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Cuggiono - Da vedere

Parco di Villa Annoni

Cuggiono - Da vedere

Villa Annoni

Cuggiono - Da vedere

Basilica di S.Giorgio Martire

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Naviglio Grande

Cuggiono - Da vedere

Il Fiume Ticino

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Vieni a scoprire Villa Annoni e il suo bellissimo Parco, il Naviglio Grande, il fiume Ticino e molto altro. Learn more about Villa Annoni and its delightful garden, Naviglio Grande, the Ticino river and much more.

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Proposte di visite guidate per tutti, adulti e bambini, sul territorio di Cuggiono.Guided tours and visits for everyone: adults and children in Cuggiono.


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The centuries-old park of Villa Annoni was probably outlined by Zanoia himself, although the current form was defined over the following years. The 23 hectares wide park landscape, is organized into two main areas: on the right side, developing a […]

Villa Annoni Fine example of a typical late 18th century neoclassical lombard villa, it’s construction was commissioned by the milanese noble Alessandro Annoni (1767-1825), son of Gian Pietro Annoni, who, on late 18th century, already had properties along this area. […]